Coltelleria Saladini

We proudly offer a selection of fine Italian knives and cigar cutters from Coltelleria Saladini. Scarperia had been known as the "town of knives" in Italy since the fifteenth century.  The Saladini family have been recognized master knifemakers in Scarperia since 1841, and are now bringing their fine wares to North America.
Every blade produced by Saladini is handcrafted from a singular steel core. Kitchen knives and cigar cutters are tempered at 1065 centigrade.
While precision and quality are a central focus, the blades are designed with an artistic quality. With these design paradigms in mind, Saladini produces fine blades, with smooth curves, in the beautiful town of Scarperia, in the Italian province of Florence.
 Handles can be provided in olive wood, ox horn or buffalo horn or resins upon request.
If you have any questions about our Saladini offerings, or would like to order something you don't see here, please contact us.
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